The Internet can be described as the international network of interconnected networks to transmit and exchange data. The Internet is both a collection of information as well as a communication system of computers networked around the world. All of these networks communicate by an agreed upon protocol, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).You are connected locally through your workstation. You access content through various browsers that can help you navigate and search the Internet's resources.

Different search engines, meta search engines will give you different results.Hypertext links will take you to related Web documents. Every Web document is assigned a unique address called a URL, uniform resource locator or address. The address specifies the method of access such as Hypertext Transmission Protocol (http), the address of the host (www), the computer on which the document is located (tafthigh) and the type of domain (.edu for educational institution; .gov for government, .com for commercial, .mil for military, .org for organization.

A WebQuest about Evaluating Web Sites has been developed by Dr. Joyce Valenza, Teacher Librarian at Springfield Township High School. Using the link you be directed to work in groups of four to evaluate a group of Web pages on the topic of tobacco and smoking, or cloning or another topic chosen by your teacher. You will be ranking the sites that you evaluate and comparing your results with the rest of your class.

How to think critically about Web contents is essential in determining the value and suitability of your search.

Evaluating Websites WebQuest

Using CARRDSS to Evaluate your Sources

You will be working in groups of four to evaluate the selected websites. Your group will ech have a Web site to evaluate.
Divide your group into the following four specialties to cover the material more quickly: Content Specialist, Authority/Credibility Specialist, Bias/purpose specialist, Usability/design specialist. Each group should select a recorder to take notes on group discussion. Be prepared to discuss your group's findings with the rest of the class.

Complete the Web Page Evaluation Checklist for your Web site based on the UC Berkeley Library Internet workshops. Record your evidence so that you can explain your evaluation to the class.

Smoking and Tobacco sites:
  1. American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
  2. R.J. Reynolds
  3. American Lung Association Tobacco Control
  4. Tobacco Free Initiative (World Health Organization)
  5. Tobacco Free Kids website
  6. Smoking
  7. Big Drug's Nicotine War
  8. Children Opposed to Smoking Tobacco
  9. Why do Teens Smoke?
  10. Adolescents and Cigarette Smoking: Teens
  11. A Report of the Surgeon General: How Tobacco Smoke Causes
  12. Tobacco Causes Cancer

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Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply and Questions to Ask , UC Berkeley Teaching Library Internet Workshops