Access and learn about some new "free" software programs to create in a new way and engage your learners! These are some of the hottest this school year.

It's a free video program where you can create a 30-second music video using favorite photos and images. You can sign-on as an educator and create longer clips. Animoto has the music to add and after completion you can "embed" on your webpage or blog to share. Complete their online application and setup an Animoto for Educator's site indicating that the use is for your classroom in a K-12 environment. Take a look at their case studies of examples.

Free, cross-platform sound editor that's available for download and create a podcast. The software includes an online tutorial and user's guide to help you get started.

Create stuff with photos! This is a free site that includes more than two dozen projects that can be printed or posted on the web such as magazine covers, puzzles, calendars or even Andy Warhol style pop art!

This popular, social bookmarking software allows users to "tag", save, manage and share favorite Web pages from their central login. The power comes in not only making your bookmarks accessible to you but learning of others choices as well. You can quickly learn of others "tags" in subject areas to locate possible sources.

Google Applications
Including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites and more! One of the best free office suites available for classroom use. Each of us can create, collaborate, access and share information resources, assignments, projects, calendars, Web pages and more using Google apps. The library portal has a Google calendar to setup scheduling online for access by teachers, students or parents. Google apps include online video clips to learn about the application.

This new tool lets users create an online interactive poster which can be shared or uploaded to wikis and other sites. You can upload photos, images and even videos and Glogster transforms them into an online Web page that's interactive. Teachers can also setup an educational version of this software with tutorials, lesson plans, and examples of how others are intergrating Glogster in the classroom and library.

A free downloadable tools that stays on your desktop just for times when you need it! Create screenshots and screencasts that are easily activated with just c click. You can customize it further with notes, colors, arrows and more. You will need to register to create!

Use this free tool to have students write stories, create original art as a visual communication tool instead of outdated PowerPoint. You can have not only words but images, color and movement. Try this with students who are creating book trailers (reports), exploration of a classroom theme or maybe a researched biography.

Photo Story 3 for WIN
Download a free Windows program from Microsoft to create audiovisual presentations out of your story and images. You can add your own images, special effects and sound.

Easy to use! Create surveys and polls easily that you can be customized and embedded (added) to your website, wiki or blog. All results are collected and can be analyzed. Great way to "check for understanding" as an exit strategy or even open your lesson (engagement) for students.

Try a presentation tool to help you organize and share your ideas. You can incorporate text, video, documents and import from PowerPoint. You can start with a template, frame your ideas and then add the pathway for emphasizing your story.

The world's largest community of presentation sharing online with an educational community worth browsing! Users can upload and retrieve or embed selected presentations within minutes. You can create a webinar by linking slides with audio and embed YouTube except here within our firewalls on campus. Using softwares that you are familiar with such as PowerPoint or Word you can create an entirely different online presentation to use with your students.

Students can use this tool to create word clouds with unique shapes, colors and fonts. The images can be saved, printed or embedded (shared online) in your website, blog or wiki. It is similar to another word cloud creation tool, Wordle but has more options that will make it support student learning in your curriculum. Maybe have students evaluate, analyze a character or passage they are reading and then using important words they discover to express they traits found most significant.

Create collaborative multimedia slideshows! VoiceThread incorporates images, documents, videos and allows the user to navigate or comment in five ways: using a microphone/telephone, text, audio file or video using a webcam. VoiceThreads can be shared with friends, teachers and others. You can even allow them to respond with their own recorded comments. VoiceThreads can even be embedded on other sites,

Create a talking avatar! Using free software without the need to create an account or password, students can create a person, fantasy character or animal and add audio either selected within the Voki selections or upload by student. Again, easy to add or embed in your website, blog or wiki including the interactive features.

As an educator, you can create a free account with a free upgrade with more space (like a closet) and have absolutely no ads! You have the option to make your wiki available to the public (everyone can view and edit) or protected (everyone can view but only your students can edit) or private (only wiki members can view or edit).ca_medi_fest_multimedia_rubric.jpg