New Tools for Learning: Web 2.0

Criteria for Choosing Technology Teaching Tools:

          • Authenticity
          • Ease of Use
          • Versatility
          • Content
          • Relevance
          • Interest
          • Constructivism
          • Assessment

Discover the way of the Wiki - the ultimate collaborator! Wiki, or "fast web" allows you to design collaborative web pages without knowledge of markup language knowledge-

More than Wikipedia!

Some features include the ability to have anyone (if permitted) edit (history is kept); insert text, images, sound, video, links and pages; add "tags"; use frames and sidebars; add email/RSS feeds; export; generate statistics; and add levels of privacy.
How to Choose a Wiki:
  1. By objectives: what do you want to accomplish
  2. By features
  3. By ease of use
  4. Visit the to compare
  5. Popular wikis: pbwiki, wikispaces, curriki, seedwiki, mediawiki, pmwiki, socialtext, xwiki, twid.wetpaint